#PlayAtHome- Fun In The Sun!

Our #PlayAtHome with Paint Sticks themed activity for this week is an activity which involves getting creative with our Paint Sticks with items outside in the sunshine.

Whether this is whilst you are at home enjoying the sunshine in your garden, or taking your Paint Sticks alongside with you whilst you leave your homes for your daily exercise! We would like to see your little ones getting creative with our Paint Sticks in the outdoors, on which ever canvas or surfaces they wish to utilise. To join in with the fun this week you will need:

  1. Paint Sticks
  2. A surface of your choice– Whether this is a surface from indoors; Paper, cardboard- or an object found in the outdoors such as twigs, leaves. The decision is your child / children.


Have a lovely week enjoying the sunshine, and we can guarantee our Paint Sticks will keep your little ones occupied and entertained.

Please upload your outdoor Paint Sticks creations on to your Social Media platforms and tag us by using the hashtag #PlayAtHome with Little Brian Paint Sticks! We will be sharing all of your creations on to our social media platforms.

Please share your creations with us on: InstagramTwitter and Facebook.

We cannot wait to see your little ones masterpieces! Have a lovely week in the sunshine and please continue to stay safe.