Little FAQs

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Unfortunately, this happens when the lids have not been securely placed back on to the Paint Stick. Please ensure when you put the lids on your Paint Sticks, they click fully into place. As when the lids are not properly clicked on, there is a slight gap between the lid and the barrel of the Paint Stick, which allows air to access the barrel, and dries out the solidified paint which causes this issue to happen.

This is all dependent on how long the lids have not been securely clicked into place on your Paint Stick, and the amount of air which has been able to access the solidified paint in the tube during this time. In some cases if this has not been over a long period of time, this could just be the top layer on the tip of the paint which has dried up. Simply scrape off the top layer, and the paint beneath will be the normal Paint Stick consistency.
Yes, they certainly can with adult supervision. We market our Paint Sticks at 3+ due to the lid being a choking hazard. The paint itself inside the barrel, is non toxic child friendly paint, so the only hazard is in fact the lid.

Our range of Paint Sticks are extremely versatile and can be used on a range of surfaces. Paper, wood, card, canvas, pebbles, leaves, tinfoil and many more!

Paint Sticks can be also be painted on to a range of porous surfaces such as glass, windows, mirrors, whiteboards. Any porous surface Paint Sticks are painted on can be easily removed by wiping off with a cloth and water.

Paints do stain. It is strongly recommended that all surfaces and clothing are protected whilst using Paint Sticks.

Disclaimer – Paints do stain. These are washing recommendations and not a guarantee that stains can be removed. Wet Stains: Absorb as much of the paint as possible. Wash with plenty of liquid detergent and warm water. Branded makes of washing-up liquid or household soap are particularly effective. When as much of the stain as possible has been removed, wash in normal way. If necessary, repeat allowing detergent to rest on fabric. Avoid using strong detergent, bleach and organic solvents. Hand washing can be more effective than machine washing. Do not iron. Dry Stains: Scrub with nail brush, hand wash in warm (not hot) water with liquid detergent. Repeat as per wet stains. It may be necessary to repeat this process several times. To prevent this happening, we strongly advise to protect all clothing and surfaces whilst using Paint Sticks.