Add a bit of colour to your Easter holidays

Easter and eggs they really are the perfect match.

Well, ahead of one our favourite holidays of the year, we’ve got a great crafty idea that will certainly get the kids ‘eggcited’ ahead of Easter!

Involving an egg, it isn’t made out of chocolate but it will be empty.

Confused? Don’t be. This technique will see us blow out the egg contents with a straw leaving an empty shell to decorate.

Hand decorated eggs look great perched on the mantelpiece or coffee table and all the designs can be done with our Paint Sticks!

So, our very own marketing maestro Emily Griffiths has a great way to create these groovy Easter decorations.

What you need

  • A pin or safety pin
  • Two large bowls
  • Washing up liquid
  • Paint Sticks

Blowing out the eggs

After washing and drying our eggs, we firstly need to pierce the egg by pushing a pin or safety pin at either end, be gentle, we don’t want it to crack!

Next, we need to make the hole at the base of the egg big enough so the egg will drain out. This is easy to do, just give it a wiggle.

Now, hold the egg over a bowl and blow into the top of the egg, forcing the egg white and yolk out.

Once you think the egg is empty, gently rinse the egg under water, not hot and place on a baking tray to dry. Make sure they’re dry before we get creative as the colours may run!

Now they’re dry, it’s time to get creative and decorate!

Fun designs

Our Paint Sticks are versatile so we can design our eggs whatever way we like! As its Easter, we think baby chicks, mini eggs or personalised to yourself would look great. But remember, be gentle with the Paint Sticks as we certainly don’t want the shells to crack.

With our Paint Sticks, you don’t need to worry about the mess as our paint dries within sixty seconds of touching the surface.

Our Classic, Metallic and Day Glow colours would look great on the eggs so mix and match the colours to create eggtastic designs!