Create your very own bonfire!

Bonfire Night, one of our favourite nights of the year! Fireworks, toffee apples, sparklers and so much more, we love it!

Ahead of the popular night, we’ve a little activity to keep the children busy so you can bring Bonfire Night and fireworks to your very own front room.

As you may know, with Paint Sticks, there’s plenty of different techniques whether it be stamping, scraping, dotting or blending.

For this task we’re going to be using the scraping technique in three simple steps!

Step 1
Fill a sheet of paper, it doesn’t matter on the size, with plenty of colourful patterns.

Step 2
Take the Black Paint Stick and colour all of the patterns and page in black, don’t worry if it seems odd, it will look amazing once it’s finished!

Step 3
Now, the fun part! Take a scraper tool, whether it be the base of the Paint Stick, paperclip or something else and scrape designs into the black paint!

They can be anything you like, inner Van Gogh’s can be released and go wild! Once you’ve finished scraping, your Bonfire masterpiece is complete! And of course, with no mess in sight!