Little Brian Paint Sticks TV Commercial!

We have some very exciting news to tell you…we have produced a TV commercial for our Little Brian Paint Sticks! Yes that’s right, and you can be one of the first to watch it right here!

This is very exciting news for us at Little Brian HQ as it is the FIRST EVER TV commercial we have produced. It was very exciting behind the scenes too… Lights, Camera, Action!

Since launching in 2016 our Paint Sticks have gone from strength to strength, being a huge hit with you parents with an astonishing 16 awards in our trophy cabinet to prove it!

At Little Brian HQ, we want to keep spreading the word of our Paint Sticks and reach a higher number of parents, to show YOU why our Paint Sticks are a must have item in every household.

Our TV commercial shows you exactly this! How to utilise them and the main features and benefits of Paint Sticks. Mess free painting is the future!
You also get a sneak peak preview of our new products which we are adding to our range at the end of the advert but shhh.

Our advert hasn’t hit the TV screens just yet, but watch this space…

Feel free to @ us on social media @littlebrianart on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with your thoughts on the commercial, we would love to hear your feedback!