So, the holiday season is well underway and you may be running out of ideas to keep the kids busy in the last couple of weeks before the school bell make a comeback but don’t worry! We’ve got you covered!

For those of you that don’t know, Paint Sticks are really easy to use, they twist up and down just like a glue stick and work on surfaces like canvas, wood, paper, card and even glass drying within minutes of use.

Paint Sticks provide the perfect solution to keep children entertained in the house on a rainy day, mess free, yes that’s right mess free, or even outside when the sun does decide to come out!

Our Paint Sticks are sure to brighten the days for youngsters across the UK and keeping them occupied on a long plane, train or car journey will no longer be a problem at all as the Paint Sticks are compact, making
them ideal for hand and travel bags and can be put away as easily as they are pulled out.

So go on, brighten up your remaining summer days and pick up a pack of Paint Sticks today!

Our six pack of Paint Sticks have an RRP of £4.99 whilst our 12 packs are £12.99!

Happy holidays and happy painting!

Restaurant Table Paint Sticks