#PlayAtHome Week 1- Paint a Rainbow on your window!

Our first #PlayAtHome with Little Brian Paint Sticks themed activity for this week is….Paint a Rainbow on your window!  Did you know that you can use our Paint Sticks on you windows? To join in with our themed activity this week, you will need:

  1. Paint Sticks
  2. A window / windows in your house forward facing your street
  3. A cloth and water (future reference for when you want to wipe your windows clean)

This week, we would like you and your little ones to paint a rainbow on your window with our Paint Sticks to spread some joy! Not only is this to bring some positivity in to your home to brighten your day during this isolation period, this is for all those children who will see your rainbow in their window when they pass by (not in groups). Also, for your neighbourhood. When children look out of their windows, they will see other rainbows painted in neighbours windows. A simple gesture which will bring a sign of hope, solidarity, and build a sense of togetherness and encourage others to join in with the fun! Right now is the time to put smiles on everyone’s faces, let’s do this!


Not only is this a lovely way to lift spirits, this is also a fun alternative to painting on paper and the perfect way to keep your children entertained.

A little bit of water and a cloth wipes our Paint Sticks off the glass easily. A way of tricking your children into giving the windows a clean too? Win win! But, we would advise you keep you rainbow beautifully displayed for as long as possible during this period.

Please upload your Rainbow on to your social media and tag us! By using the hasthtag #PlayAtHome with Little Brian Paint Sticks! We will be sharing all of your rainbows to our followers, to spread the love and to show togetherness.

Share your creations with us on: Instagram, Facebook. Twitter.

Remember, without rain, there would be no rainbows. Rainbows are often used to symbolise happiness after a storm.

We can’t wait to see your Rainbows! Have a lovely paint-filled week!