#PlayAtHome Week 2- Create and Paint Easter Bunny!

#PlayAtHome with Little Brian Paint Sticks!

Our #PlayAtHome with Paint Sticks themed activity for this week is an Easter Activity…

Create and paint an Easter Bunny!

To join in with the fun, you will need:

  1. Paint Sticks
  2. Cardboard Roll- Kitchen Roll / Toilet Roll
  3. Scissors
  4. A Glue Stick
  5. Paper

With Easter now only being two weeks away, we wanted to introduce a craft to get your little ones in the Easter spirit! Right now, we all need something to focus on and look forward to, so this little Easter activity is just the trick. This week, we have not one, not two, but THREE ways to show you, how you can create your very own cardboard Easter Bunny. You could give your children the choice to select their favourite which they want to create and paint, or let them create and paint all three!

1.The Floppy Eared Easter Bunny!


The first Easter Bunny we want to show you is the easiest one to create, ‘The Floppy Eared Easter Bunny’. Depending on the size of the rabbit you want to create, use either the cardboard from toilet roll or kitchen roll. You will also need paper to draw the large floppy ears, and to draw the little feet! Use Paint Sticks to paint the ears, feet and also paint the cardboard tube. Add a little face to the cardboard to bring the Bunny to life! Finally, cut out the rabbit ears and feet, and use a glue stick to stick the ears onto the cardboard tube. How easy is that?!

2. The MINI Easter Bunny


Meet the ‘MINI Easter Bunny’. The smallest Bunny out of the three! This one is still relatively simple to create. All you need for this creation is the cardboard from your toilet roll and scissors- parental supervision needed. Use scissors to cut into the cardboard roll and create two bunny ears. Then the rabbit is ready for creativity to be unleashed with Paint Sticks and brought to life!

3. The 3D Easter Bunny


Our 3D Easter Bunny is the trickiest out of the three. Parental guidance may be needed for this particular creation, as there is a lot of chopping and sticking! For this, use the cardboard roll from toilet roll. Cut the cardboard into x5 pieces. Two chunkier strips for the Easter Bunny’s body and head, two finer strips for the ears, and a little strip for the bottom of the rabbit to sit on. Use Paint Sticks to paint the inside and outside of each cardboard piece. Then use a glue stick or a stapler to join either side of the strip together. Then, build each piece together on top of each other, again using a glue stick or a stapler. A little bit trickier but if your little ones like chopping, sticking and building, they will love creating this one!

Please upload your Easter Bunny creations on to your Social Media platforms and tag us by using the hashtag #PlayAtHome with Little Brian Paint Sticks! We will be sharing all of your Easter Bunny’s to our followers so we can all get into the Easter spirit.

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We can’t wait to see your Easter Bunny’s! Have a lovely paint-filled week!