#PlayAtHome week 4- Face Painting Fun!

Our #PlayAtHome with Paint Sticks themed activity for this week is an activity which involves getting creative with our Face Paint Sticks on your little ones faces!

To join in with the fun this week you will need:

  1. Little Brian Face Paint Sticks: Available to purchase on Amazon- 6 pack & 12 pack
  2. Your child’s / children’s faces to paint!

This week, we would like to see you and your little ones getting creative with our Face Paint Sticks! We would love to see you create a design from our how to booklet included in each pack. OR, feel free to unleash your creativity to create your own design. We would love to see a mixture of face designs!

LBFPS06CA12 Little Brian 12 Pack Face Paint Sticks (Front) (1)

If you haven’t seen our Face Paint Sticks before, here is what you need to know:

  • Quick drying- Our Face Paint Sticks dry in less than 60 seconds once painted on skin.
  • Mess and smudge free- Once the paint is dry on the skin, it will NOT smudge until the face paint is removed with either water or a baby wipe.
  • EASILY washes off- We can guarantee, you will not need to scrub harshly on the skin to remove. A little bit of water or a baby wipe will wash away the face paint easily!
  • Suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Perfect entertainment for the family!

Please upload your Face Paint creations on to your Social Media platforms and tag us by using the hashtag #PlayAtHome with Little Brian Paint Sticks! We will be sharing all of your little ones painted faces to our followers.

Share your creations with us on: InstagramTwitter and Facebook.

We cannot wait to see your little ones beautifully painted faces!