#PlayAtHome Week 6- Tinfoil Painting!

Our #PlayAtHome with Paint Sticks themed activity for this week is a simple activity which involves getting creative with our Paint Sticks on Tinfoil. To join in with the fun this week you will need:

  1. Paint Sticks
  2. Tinfoil

This week only requires tinfoil from your kitchen drawer and our Paint Sticks! A simple yet effective canvas which we can guarantee most of your households will already have in your house to utilise. Providing a fun, sensory surface to glide Paint Sticks on, rather than the traditional canvas of paper!

Tinfoil-Painting-2 Tinfoil-Painting-3

Please upload your little ones Tinfoil Paint Sticks creations on to your Social Media platforms and tag us by using the hashtag #PlayAtHome with Little Brian Paint Sticks! We will be sharing all of your creations on our Social Media.

Please share your creations with us on: InstagramTwitter and Facebook.

We cannot wait to see your little ones masterpieces! Have a lovely week at home, and continue to stay safe.