Pumpkin Painting!

This Halloween, leave the pumpkins in the hands of your children!


Carving pumpkins is always a mammoth task. Involving a lot of time and effort from you parents, rather than your children getting creative themselves.

This Halloween, we have got you covered and have an alternative solution to the traditional way of carving pumpkins. Our Paint Sticks are extremely versatile and work on a range of surfaces, and another surface we can add to the list…PUMPKINS! No longer do you need to stress about the mess and time constraints of carving your pumpkins.

All you need this Halloween is a pumpkin and Little Brian Paint Sticks! Allowing no time and effort from YOU. For the first time in history, you can leave your pumpkin solely in the hands of your little ones, and let them unleash their creativity to bring their pumpkin to life.

We currently have a pumpkin competition running over on our Instagram. Check out some of the fabulous Paint Sticks pumpkin masterpieces so far…

pumpkin-painting-4 pumpkin-painting-3 pumpkin-painting-2 pumpkin-painting-1

Not only is this a revolutionary way of bringing pumpkins to life, but you now have the chance to win some fabulous Little Brian products in doing so. We will be selecting our THREE favourite painted pumpkins over on Instagram, who will each win a Little Brian Paint Sticks Assorted Bucket and a 12 Pack of Little Brian Face Paint Sticks. Please click on the following link to read our T&C’S over on our Instagram, to find out more information on how to enter our #PumpkinPainting competition. UK & Ireland entrants only #LittleBrianPaintSticksPumpkin.


Go on, get painting your pumpkins! Make sure you tag us in your creations, we would love to see…
Instagram: @LittleBrianPaintSticks.