The Nightingale Hospital needs your Painted Pictures!

The Nightingale Hospital needs your pictures! The Nightingale Hospital opens today, and they want YOUR little ones to get involved and paint beautiful pictures for their ‘wellbeing area’. This is the room where all of the hardworking staff go to have a well- earned break during their shift. Doctors, nurses and many other members of staff who are helping care for the Covid-19 patients.
The Nightingale Hospital and ITV,would like your little ones to paint pictures of the doctors, nurses, hard at work helping people. They would like your little ones to paint their picture with rainbows, messages of thanks and support to lift spirits. The more colourful and brighter the painting the better, what makes your picture brighter than our Paint Sticks? Make sure you add your child’s name and age to the picture!
Once your little one has created their masterpiece, you need to take a photo of their artwork and upload it to the ITV app. Please visit the This Morning website for more information. But we promise, it is really easy to get involved! ITV need your Childrens pictures by Friday 10th April.
We would LOVE you and your children to get involved with this and paint beautiful pictures with our Paint Sticks. We believe the current hashtag for this is #RainbowsForNightingale. 
However, we have created our very own hashtag for this also #NightingalePicturePaintSticks
Please share your #NightingalePicturePaintSticks with us on Social Media as we would love you to share your creations with us too!
Let’s do this! Together, we can all contribute to making the well-being room at The Nightingale Hospital the most beautiful brightest room with our Paint Sticks, to give the hardworking doctors and nurses something to smile at when they are on their break.
#RainbowsForNightingale #NightingalePicturePaintSticks