It may not seem a worrying trend to many busy Mums and Dads looking for some peace and quiet to get jobs done but a study by the British Heart Foundation (BHF) of government data has warned that just 1 in 10 of the i-pad generation of toddlers is actually active enough to be deemed ‘healthy’.
The stark statistic supports mounting evidence of the physical, emotional and mental health risks that are being associated with too much ‘gadget time’ so parents across the UK are being tasked to take action and support National Unplugging day on Sunday, 26th June.
Little Brian Paint Sticks is supporting the #GoGadgetFree day in a bid to wean children away from the i-pad or the X-Box and go back to grass roots fun!
Lara Alcock from Little Brian Paint Sticks said: “Children learn from play, especially primary school children but they are easily distracted by the latest game or the latest online craze and it is very easy for parents to lose track of just how much screen time their child is having.
“Without knowing it, parents are often culprits too so it is important they set a good example. A quick glance as the phone beeps, a check of the latest cricket scores over dinner or getting embroiled in a lengthy Facebook conversation are clear indicators of acceptance that in a child’s mind, it’s OK to keep picking up the I-pad.”
“So, with National Unplugging Day just around the corner, we are urging children and parents too to power down, put them away and enjoy some quality family time based on traditional, old-fashion play and fun. Our Paint Sticks are just one example of things to do as unlike gadgets, they encourage creativity, motor skills and dexterity; but there are plenty of other things that families can do together away from the gizmo’s. Whatever you choose to do, whether it’s painting, puzzles, picnics or garden games why not give a digital detox day a try?”
Little Brian Paint Sticks are extremely versatile and a range of different techniques can be used which include blending, stamping and the art of scraperboard, perfect for all ages and abilities. Paint Sticks are available in strong, classic colours in either a pack of six or 12 for an RRP of £4.99 and £7.25 respectively from Amazon and a range of new products are also in the pipeline. For more information visit www.littlebrian.com.