Little Brian News Paint Sticks

Introducing our Paint Sticks Assorted Bucket!

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The perfect Paint Sticks travel item for your little ones to carry and unleash creativity ANYWHERE this summer!


Our handy bucket features a carry handle so your Paint Sticks can be stored, carried and transported around easily.
RRP: 12.99. Featuring 20 Paint Sticks inside: 12 Classic, 6 Day Glow and 2 Metallic colours.


Available instore and online at Argos and Smyths! The must have Little Brian Paint Sticks travel item this summer.

Little Brian News Paint Sticks

Paint Sticks Classic Art Station!

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We are super excited to introduce to you our new addition to the Paint Sticks family…Our Paint Sticks 2 in 1 Classic Art Station! Featuring 6 Classic Paint Sticks, 6 Chalk Sticks, paper and a duster!

Our double sided Art Station has a whiteboard and a chalkboard, the perfect surfaces for your little ones to unleash their creativity and wipe clean after! Also, featuring a handy clip which can be used to utilise the Art Station as an easel for painting on paper!


Our Art station is the perfect size for table top utilisation and for shared play. Featuring a handy storage tray, which is positioned underneath the whiteboard and chalkboard when folded, and handy storage pots for your Paint Sticks and Chalk Sticks when in use.


It also features a handle so your little ones can transport their Paint Sticks Art Station around with ease. The perfect activity for children to unleash creativity with their Paint Sticks anywhere!


RRP: £29.99 /£30.00

Where to buy?
Our Paint Sticks Art Station has just launched in all Argos and Smyths stores and  is available to purchase online.


Little Brian News Paint Sticks


We are so excited to bring to you our new addition to the Paint Sticks family….FACE PAINT STICKS!

We have brought to you a fun, clean and mess free way of face painting. No need for sponges or water to apply to your little ones faces! Simply twist up and down like a glue stick and HEY PRESTO, easy application and quick drying. And we can promise you, once the face paint has dried, it will NOT smudge!

Little-Brian-Face-Paint-Sticks-Ladybird-3 Little-Brian-Face-Paint-Sticks-Bee-20 Little-Brian-Face-Paint-Sticks-Tiger-Catterpillar-Butterfly

When your little one has finished spending the day as their favourite animal or super hero and the time has come for their little faces to be washed clean, no longer do you need to dread the long process of hard scrubbing their face with a flannel. Rest be assured, our Face Paint Sticks EASILY washes off with soap and water.

Available in a 6 and 12 pack which features simple how to designs inside.

RRP: 6 pack £5.99, 12 pack £9.99.

Where to buy?

Our 12 pack has just launched in all Smyths stores and is available to purchase online. Click here to get your mess free Little Brian Face Paint Sticks!

Both our 6 & 12 pack are available to purchase on Amazon.

We can’t wait to see your little ones painted faces! Make sure you tag us using the #LittleBrianFacePaintSticks so we can see your wonderful creations!

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