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Pumpkin Decorating Fun!

Pumpkin decorating doesn’t have to be the traditional face carving fun, especially for kids who aren’t quite ready for the tricky cutting process! Toddlers love to be creative without having limits set for what the end project ‘needs’ to look like or limits for containing mess. Pumpkin decorating is the perfect project to let their imagination run free and to explore new ways of creating art! 

Little Brian Chalk Sticks are great for encouraging toddler with their creative exploration! I love them because they make beautifully bright marks and don’t leave any dusty residue behind. Both Mum and kids are happy!

To prep this art project I painted a clean, dry pumpkin with black acrylic craft paint and left it to completely dry overnight.

Then my daughter (2.5 years old) used Little Brian Chalk Sticks to decorate the pumpkin however she wanted!  She had great fun creating lines, dots and I think at one point she even drew our neighbour! I love watching her explore new materials, you can see how satisfied she is when she discovers what she can do! Now the pumpkin sits with pride on our kitchen table, a true work of art!

Materials used:

  • Pumpkin
  • Black acrylic craft paint
  • Paintbrush 
  • Little Brian Chalk Sticks
Little Brian News

Independent Toddler Art

Creativity and imagination are aspects of childhood which I love to foster in my two year daughter. Allowing her to independently explore art and all of its wonders, without any adult interference, has been key in doing so!  Art is a safe place for her to not only have fun but also to explore her feelings and emotions.

Adults often approach art with a final product in mind, toddlers don’t. They love exploring the materials and creating something all on their own, they enjoy the process of making the art, not the final product! This is why providing open-ended art materials is so key, they allow the child to enjoy art in their own way without being worried about what it will look like at the end. 

We love Little Brian Paint Sticks because they are the perfect art resource for allowing toddlers to enjoy the process of art without adult interference.  She can easily pull off the cap, twist the bottom and create without having to ask for help! I love that they create minimal mess and are super easy to wipe up if her creative spirit gets a little over excited! We always have Little Brian Paint Sticks available in her art corner for her to use whenever she wants!

It is also important to offer children high quality art resources so while they are exploring the medium they are able to do so without frustration. Little Brian Paint Sticks are brightly coloured so when the child glides them across the surface they leave a beautiful path behind them! They can be used on virtually any surface so children can create using paper, glass, mirror, wood and even plastic!

Little Brian Paint Sticks are the perfect resource for encouraging creativity in our children!